End of the Retirement Age:

Embracing the pursuit of meaning, purpose and prosperity

This is a book full of insight, reflection and advice and it should occupy a place on every older person’s bookshelf as a guide to the topic of retirement.”

– Dr Jon Glass, PhD, Director at 64 Plus

As the population ages and the world changes, retirement (as we know it) is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. If you are serious about planning for life after work,  End of the Retirement Age (Money Magazine Book of the Month) is an inspirational guide to the challenges and opportunities of the new retirement landscape.

Written to empower existing and soon-to-be retirees to take control of their futures - financially, socially and emotionally - End of the Retirement Age shares the inspiring stories of retirees and experts to show the colourful ways Australians are redefining ageing.

As featured ...

6 key insights to help you redefine retirement... on your terms

Learn about the major challenges facing retirees

​There are many challenges you face as an existing or soon-to-be retiree. Discover what they are, why they’ve come about, and how you can tackle them head on.

Consider the benefits of a career change

​Discover how to navigate the ever-changing workplace, including how to find an age-friendly employer, and why social media could be the key to improving your job prospects.

Live with purpose and create a meaningful retirement

​Discover how to achieve all of those bucket-list goals you haven’t had the time, money, or confidence to pursue.

Take control of your financial future

Funding a multi-decade retirement is no easy task. Learn the success principles required for a wealthier, worry-free retirement.

Boost your wellbeing through a combination of work and play

If you’re ready to slow down, but not ready to retire, a transition to part-time, casual or consulting work can lead to higher levels of happiness, fulfilment and satisfaction in life.

10+ inspiring stories from retirees from all walks of life

Hear real-life stories from Australians in their 50s, 60s and 70s who are already redefining retirement. From fundraising to skydiving to worldwide travel, you’ll gain inspiration and motivation to create your own unique retirement experience.

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  • Discover how radical life extension technology may one day make living to 100 the new normal.

About the author

David Kennedy is an author, consultant and retirement planning specialist. He is the owner of Hillross Pacific Advisory, an award-winning Sydney-based retirement planning firm.

David has discussed End of the Retirement Age and the redefinition of retirement on Sunrise,  ABC Radio Sydney, Sky News Business, 3AW Radio Melbourne, and 6PR News Talk Perth.

His views on retirement planning issues have appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, the Herald Sun, and Financial Observer and End of the Retirement Age features as 'Book of the Month' in the December 2017/January 2018 issue of Money Magazine.

Before establishing his business in 2008, David worked in corporate strategy and business consulting, and he has contributed to curriculum development and assessment of super and retirement planning courses at Kaplan Professional, a leading provider of financial services education.

​He holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Canberra, postgraduate qualifications in finance and investment from FINSIA, and the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation.

Many of David's clients attribute their success in retirement to his holistic approach, which in addition to financial planning strategies, includes a focus on flexible workforce participation, re-invention, and community contribution.

David argues for the need to re-frame the conversation about the ageing population in positive terms, and to place greater value on the potential economic and social contribution of older Australians, who (on average), are healthier and living longer than at any point in history.

"Many Australians in their 50s, 60s, and 70s are working longer, working flexibly, starting businesses, connecting online, changing careers, joining the gig economy, travelling prolifically, getting active, fundraising, volunteering, and making a difference. This is a demographic that refuses to go quietly into retirement, and so a more productive narrative of ageing, and what it means to grow older, is unfolding before our eyes."

An advocate for phased retirement, David encourages pre-retirees to consider a gradual transition from the workforce to the next phase of life.

"Change tends to work best when it is allowed to occur over time, giving people a chance to adjust to their new reality. Retirement is no different. Taking a phased approach allows older Australians to tackle this major life-transition at their own pace."

In writing End of the Retirement Age, David hopes to inspire, educate and empower soon-to-be and existing retirees to understand the rapidly changing retirement landscape, and to plan and prepare optimistically for this phase of life.

Not as an ending, but as a new beginning, and a blank canvas full of possibilities - rethinking retirement in pursuit of meaning, purpose and prosperity. 

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  • Adapt and thrive in the changing retirement landscape
  • Strike a balance between 'work and play'
  • Create a financially secure future
  • Draw inspiration from the stories of other retirees

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